Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rupa..a Mother's Day Short Story..

Rupa..a Mother's Day Short Story..

Rupa was just 3 year's Old..
The repeat of Summer brought the mercury back to 45 in the interior of waterless Bihar!
Her Mother,went to the Rocky fields as usual tying a small ribbon on Rupa's head to protect her from the Onslaught of the SUN and started her daily ritual. Breaking the rocks with a chisel&hammer on her hand..

The ruffian Boss appeared again at 12 Noon..."Why shd you unnecessarily kill yourself and also this wonderful child,Rupa..Just say Yes to me..I will right now take you to my AC Guest House..."
As usual Rupa's mom ignored his looks and continued her breaking the stones..She also prayed in between :"Oh!God!I am suffering this just to for the sake of this wonderful kid you have given to me.Pls take care of her.."
In the evening she stood in the queue to collect her daily wages and went to the pavements whereshe lived after the death of her Drunkard husband !

The next Day..Same Gestures from the Boss and same prayers from Rupa's Mom..Time started rolling a bit slower for Rupa's Mom in these circumstances when one fine morning,she met a young Girl Swarnamuki..

Swarnamuki was in her 30s and she took Rupa in her lap and asked Rupa's Mom:"How long are you working like this?"
"Sorry I am not allowed to answer any questions from unknown outsiders as the supervisor wd cut my salary and even illtreat me!"
Swarnamuki cdn't stand with all her attire under the hot Sun and she was surprised to see Rupa and her mom bare foot.."Oh!God How can you be more Cruel to these unfortunate Bihari" she wept to herself..

Being a social worker,Swarnamuki was determined to help Rupa's mom somehow and asked her :"can you tell me where you are living,so that I can come and see you in the evening.."
Rupa's mom gave the directions for her pavements...

Happiness on a Platform Life!

Swarnamuki and her coworker met Rupa's mom in the evening..She had brought some nice Pullav and Chapathis too..Rupa started enjoying this finest meals of her life while the conversation went on like this:-
Swarnamuki:"Why shd you toil like this under the hot Sun?"
"No other Go to save my wonderful kid,Rupa..I lost my Drunkard husband two years ago.I was hardly 27..My Brother in law tried to seduce me..I escaped from his clutches..A Good samaritan gave me a job as a house keeper near Ranchi,but his son who was hardly 2o years had a different thinking about Maids employed at Home..So I wandered to get this Daily wage job..But here too I am escaping my Boss on a daily basis..all for this kid..But here atleast this boss is like a Ravana in Ramayana..He wodn't touch me unless I submit.."Tears rolled down from that poor Mom..

Swarnamuki cdn't believe that such miserable lives are also possible as she was born and brought up in New Jersey and after Graduation started working for an NGO in the interior of BIhar!

Swarnamuki :"Don't you think Rupa can be brought up somehwre else and she can be made an educated lady One day!"
"I wish that happens..I am praying every day to God that ,thats the Only wish I have in my life.."
Swarnamuki:"don't worry.I will try to help Rupa to get into a school run by NGOs and she gets education and you too can be accomodated there as a helper.."

Rupa's Mom cdn't believe that life cd suddenly change for the better for her and Rupa..She started getting nice meals and enjoyed working in that NGO,mainly run by NRIs like Swarnamuki and she was happy to see her Rupa telling Rhyme a Day!

Suddenly God thought that Rupa's Mom doesn't deserve this much comfort..He gave a severe pain so unbearable that it was found to be Cancer..Poor Rupa didnt understand what was happening when all was over...
Rupa asked Swarnamuki:"Where is my Mom?"
Swarnamuki cdn't control her emotions...She said.."From today onwards I am your Mom..Don't worry.."

Swarnamuki put all her efforts and money on to Rupa..
Rupa was brilliant in her School and she came out First in the School..She had such accompolishments Swarnamuki helped her to apply for IVY Leagues in USA....

Today..Rupa is in the US..doing her UG with full scholarship..
This mother's day she is sending a greetings to her Mom..Swarnamuki...
Swarnamuki feels so bad..thst she didnt even take a picture of Rupa's original Mom!
Atleast she is happy that her life's ambition to be of somehelp to someone like Rupa is getting answered!

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