Monday, May 11, 2009



This story was heard in DD Pothigai in Tamil which I wish to share with all our friends.

There was a benevolent king and as normal human he had weakness for astrologers and their sooth saying. In the kingdom there was a good Brahmin highly learned in astrology and had mastered the subject of different ancient masters in the subject. But he normally does not predict for others. Hearing of his depth of knowledge, the king called him to palace. He was offered a good place to stay in and extended all the facilities. The king gave a copy of his horoscope and asked him to review and tell him the findings.

On the review it was clear to the Brahmin that the king shall loose all his close relatives and friends and shall be lonely during his last days. As the Brahmin is determined to tell the truth always he bluntly told the truth. “Oh, My Respectful King you are destined to loose all your close relatives and friends and shall be lonely during your last days”. These words angered the king who immediately ordered him to go out of his kingdom. The Brahmin was very much upset.

Taking pity on him the minister asked him why he predicted so. He replied that I have followed the Dictum of Vedas- “Satayam Vadha” “TELL TRUTH”. He advised the Brahmin to follow the orders of the king and present himself after about a year growing beard and with some facial lift. He may then offer to predict again. But the Brahmin insisted to tell the truth only then too. To that the minister brought forth another dictum of Vedas- Jigwah madu mathhthama”- LET MY TONGUE BE HONEYED”.

The Brahmin reappeared after a long time and as advised by the minister with the facial lift and beard etc not easily recognizable. He offered king to give astrological counsel, to which the king readily agreed.

The Brahmin exclaimed “Oh, My Respectful King, you have a very long life, and till your end you shall be a prosperous king. Your life time is so long you shall out live all you close relatives and friends.”

This pleased the king greatly who awarded him generously and honored him.

After all the predictions were same but put up so beautifully, and coated with honey.


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