Friday, April 17, 2009

Tale to Understand - God bears and protects the welfare of all His devotees


Long ago there lived a poor Brahmin on the banks of the sacred river Ganges . He used to sustain his family and himself by accepting alms. He was leading a very pious life. He used to spend most of his time by worshipping the Supreme Lord Vishnu or by studying Vedic scriptures. Once while studying Bhagavad-Gita, he came across the 22nd verse of the 9th chapter of Bhagavad-Gita. That most wonderful verse said .

“ananyas chinthayantho mam

ye janah paryupasathe

thesham nithyabhi yukthanam

yogakshemam vahamy aham.

Which means, I always bear those who exclusively worship me with devotion, whatever they lack and protect their welfare.”

The said Brahmin was amazed to read the above-mentioned verse. He thought that the word ‘vahami’ means‘carry’ and why should the Omnipotent Supreme Lord carry anything for anybody. Just by His mere ‘WILL’ He can do anything.Hence it should be ‘dadami’ which means ‘grant’ instead of vahami.’

Thinking so he struck out vahami in the said verse with two pen strokes and wrote dadami in its place. The meaning of the verse was modified and now it meant, I always grant everything that they lack to those who exclusively worship me with devotion and protect their welfare.

Immediately after that he left for his usual rounds of begging, being satisfied with what he had done.As soon as he left for begging an attractive young boy carried lots of provisions with great difficulty to the Brahmin’s house and handed them over to his wife. The wife of the Brahmin was captivated by the charm of that boy. That boy was dark in color and two fresh marks of lashes were prominently visible on His chest. She questioned Him thus Who sent all these provisions? To that the boy said your husband!

She became distressed after seeing the marks of lashes on the chest of the boy. Blood was oozing out from those lashes. She further said who is that cruel person who lashed you?Your husband replied the boy. She instantaneously asked but why! To that the boy said perhaps he had asked me to do something and I would have forgotten to do it, hence he has lashed me. Saying so the boy went away.

The said Brahmin went around the entire village inspite of that he could not get anything that day. He was dejected. He thought that he would have to sleep on an empty stomach and returned to his house.Even as he was entering his house,his wife angrily asked why did you whip that innocent boy so hard?

The Brahmin was taken aback and he expressed his ignorance about the boy. His wife reported everything that had happened during his absence on that day. The Brahmin who was very devoted to the Lord immediately asked his wife to relate the features of that boy.

His wife said the boy was dark in color, had a very bright countenance and his features were captivating and he had two marks of lashes on his chest.The Brahmin immediately realized that the boy was none other than Lord Krishna Himself and the two marks of lashes on his chest indicated the two pen-strokes with which he had struck out vahami.

He immediately ran into his puja room, took out his Bhagavad Gita,struck out dadami which he had written in the morning and wrote vahami in its place. He understood how merciful Lord Krishna is and the Lord’s yearning for His devotees. He spent the rest of his life contemplating on the all merciful nature of the Lord. In the end he attained liberation.


A teacher teaches to all the kids in the classroom, without any discrimination. But when he comes out of the classroom he pays special attention to his own child or to the child he loves. He will also be concerned about his welfare and does everything that will lead to his welfare.

Similarly the Supreme Lord is all forgiving. He sustains every being in this universe through some or the other means, without discriminating between a devotee and an atheist. However He showers His grace on His devotees who resort only to Him and loves them too.

Hence let us be devoted to Lord Krishna and lead our lives according to His dictates. If we do so, the most benevolent Supreme Lord will certainly bear to us, anything that we lack and will safeguard every good thing that we have, with love.

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