Thursday, April 23, 2009


—Sri Swami Sivananda—

A gentleman once advertised for a young clerk to help him in his office. About fifty young men applied for the post. Many had long testimonials and strong recommendations. The gentleman selected one who had no recommendation and sent the rest away. A friend, who was sitting beside him, said, “I should like to know for what reason you choose that young man although he had no testimonials or recommendation.”

The gentleman said smilingly, “He had many testimonials and recommendations. He wiped dirt from his shoes on the doormat before entering the room. He closed the door after he had entered. He lifted up the book which I had purposely placed on the floor and put it on the table. He waited quietly for his turn while other candidates pushed each other aside. All this shows he had good manners. Are they not his testimonials and recommendations? They are. I think I have made the right choice.”

Moral: Your good manners are more valuable than testimonials and recommendations about your qualities

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