Friday, April 17, 2009

God! Bless Me With the Wealth of the Capacity To Serve

God! Bless Me With the Wealth of the Capacity To Serve

Once Italy was engaged in a war with another country.

A young man, sitting on the top of a hill, was watching the battle-scene through his binoculars. Some soldiers were lying dead; others were at the point of death. Jackals and vultures were preying on the dead bodies. Wounded soldiers were being carried like garbage to the relief camps behind the battlefield.

On seeing the miserable condition of those soldiers, the young man was very much grieved. As a matter of fact, he had not gone there to watch the battle-scene. He had gone to Paris to meet Emperor Napoleon. When he came to know that the Emperor had gone to war front to render help to Italy, he also proceeded to meet him there.

The hill, where the young man had gone, was very near the battlefield. When he witnessed the fight, he forgot that he had gone there to meet Napoleon. His thoughts turned to the wounded soldiers and the nursing they very badly needed. Meanwhile, he came to know that five hundred wounded soldiers were lying in the nearby church. He immediately left for the church to nurse them.

After a few days, the war was over. He was obsessed with the thought as to how the wounded soldiers can be looked after in the best possible manner. His contemplation bore fruit. He set up an organization with a view to nursing the wounded. Not only this, he contacted people from different countries and got his organization recognized as an international institution. Presently, during the wartime in any country, members of this organization jump at the opportunity of looking after the wounded soldiers in the battlefield. They are considered neutral. They wear special uniforms with a specific insignia imprinted on it. In the battlefield these volunteer members are not attacked. People from both the warring sides join this group of volunteers to take care of the wounded soldiers, irrespective of their nationalities.

That young man was Jeane Henry Dunant. He was born in a middle class family of Geneva and the organization he founded is known as the ‘Red Cross Society’. Every year May 8, the day Henry was born, is celebrated as ‘Red Cross Day’.

Dear children, others’ sufferings are your own. If you are concerned for the alleviation of other people’s sufferings and are really eager to rid them of those sufferings, that means you are good boys. At home, or outside, whenever you find someone sick or in pain, do remember Jeane Henry and think like him – how to take care of them in the best possible manner.

Everyday, and especially on May 8, you should pray to God, “You may or may not bless me with worldly wealth, but do bless me with the wealth of the capacity to serve the miserable, the weak and the suffering.”

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