Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tale to Understand - Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray!


Once VIBHEESHAN approached HANUMAN & said, "How fortunate you're! Every day you do SRI RAMA smaran & you have fully earned HIS grace. I've also been doing SRI RAMA smaran for a long time but I've not been blessed with the opportunity of having his DARSHAN constantly like you have got."

Hanuman explained, "No doubt that you're doing smaran of LORD RAMA.
But did you ever participate in SERVICE? How can you earn SRI RAMA's grace without doing that? It is now a full 10 months since DEVI SITA has been in LANKA but did you ever console her & try to alleviate her sufferings? Did you meet her even once? Did you ever think of some way to relieve her agony? If you had done any of this, it would have amounted to SERVICE to the LORD." !!


It's not enough if we remember god; it's not enough to go to places of worship; it's not enough to keep fast; it's not enough if we chant hymns & bhajans; it's not enough if we do pooja & other rituals; When we serve others, we're not doing it for them; we're doing it for the god in us who's equally present in others. Only the blind will be indifferent to the dismal condition of others; only the deaf will be unaffected by the sobs of others.

Our heart must melt in compassion when the eye sees another person suffering. That is the sign of Spirituality! !!

Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray!!! The more you give, the more you would get!!!

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