Thursday, February 19, 2009

To each his own‏

One evening, after she sold her last fish, a fishwife went to her friend - a flower girl's house. The flower girl invited the fishwife to have dinner and spend the night with her to which the fishwife agreed. After dinner and long chat, flowergirl took her friend to the room where she kept all the flowers and which had nice smell. Both went to bed, but fishwife couldnt sleep, she kept turning and tossing. To flowergirl's enquiry, fishwife told that she cant sleep because of the smell of the flowers and if she can keep her fish basket near to her. Flowergirl agreed and she herself went and took the stinking basket and gave it to her friend. The fishwife took it, sprinkled it with water, kept the basket with the even stinking smell next to her and was fast asleep and snoring within a few minutes. The flowergirl who couldnt sleep now due to the stench was aghast.

One feels most at home with what one is used to.

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