Monday, February 2, 2009

Comparing and complaining.

This is a lovely story I had read some time back...
A potter used to walk to a nearby pond down the hill to fill water and carry it back to water his master's garden. To do this he had to carry two earthen pots suspended by two ropes connected to a big wood stick. The hard working potter carried the stick on his shoulders with the two pots hanging, everyday down and up the hill.
The two pots that the potter used to carry were really in awe of him. However one of the pot was slightly broken and hence it was not able to hold the water filled from the pond. Half of the water was spilled along the way. It made the pot very sad for it assumed that it was of no use to the master and the potter himself.
After many days not able to bear the pain and sadness the broken pot finally told the potter about its misery. He told him that he was feeling like he was a huge burden and waste on his master as he was not able to provide the full services.
Hearing this, the potter knelt down and lovingly told the broken pot-
"Son you are the most beautiful thing the master could have imagined. I am aware that you spill half of the water along the way. Hence I sowed some rose seeds along the way and you water them everyday. Those seeds, now beautiful rose flowers along the way, are because of your efforts. I pluck two of these beautiful roses everyday and put it in the vase for the master. Have you ever seen the happiness on the master's face on seeing those roses everyday? No my child you are precious in your own way."
This story touched my heart and made me feel important. For every living and non living thing serve a purpose in this world and are important, even if they may seem meaningless.
Everything and everyone in this world is unique. It is this uniqueness that sets us apart from others, things which we can do no one else can. From that day I stopped comparing and complaining. Just like the broken pot...

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