Friday, February 20, 2009

महत Brahma

Mahat Brahma

This world is essentially a homogeneous phase of inert energy, which is space as the finest form of energy. The creation comes from space or finest energy. The space has come from God. This is explained by Veda (Atmana Akasah). The space or the finest energy is called as Mahat, which is infinite. From the space all the world gradually comes out by the will of God. Even the space came out from God by His will only. If you do not recognize God, the energy being inert cannot plan the creation. The link between God and this space (Mahat) is unimaginable and is stated as Avyaktam. Veda mentions this unimaginability (Avyaktam) as the intermediate item between God and Mahat (Mahatah Paramavyaktam…). You should not fix this Avyaktam to a particular item only. It is simply a word which means unimaginable and can be used in any context to mean any item by anybody. Suppose a student is unable to understand the higher concept. For him such concept is unimaginable. Therefore the word unimaginable (Avyaktam) has a general sense and can be used in any context. This word is also used to the subtle and invisible state of the world in the energy as a micro impression also after the final dissolution of the world. Similarly the word Brahman can be used to any greatest item depending on the context. It can indicate anybody starting from God to the head of a village. Veda says that God is beyond this link (Avyaktat Purushah Parah). Space is imaginable but God is unimaginable. Therefore the link between unimaginable God and imaginable Mahat also becomes unimaginable. Only the link between two imaginable items is imaginable and can be understood. The unimaginability is experienced and the unimaginable God identified with the perceivable human incarnation is experienced. Therefore the concept of unimaginability is proved by the basic validity of authority through experience and perception. Veda says that you can see God (Pratyagatmanamaiks hat). If Lord Krishna or Jesus is not seen and if they do not establish the concept of unimaginability through their actions, the existence of unimaginable God can be ruled out. Since there is only one Krishna or only one Jesus, you cannot say that every living being or human being is that unimaginable God. Such dilution is only the effect of egoistic demonism.

The first form of creation is energy. All the other items are the modifications of that energy only. All the modifications may perish but energy remains eternal due to the will of God. It is like the reel of the film containing the whole picture after the dissolution of the world. No fool will destroy the reel at the end of the show. Therefore the reel is eternal. But its eternality is based on the will of God. If God wishes, even the energy disappears. The reel is not destroyed but can be destroyed. Such eternal finest form of energy is called as Mahat by Veda and is called as Mahat-Brahma by Gita (Mamayonih Mahat Brahma). The Shastras say that Mahat itself means Brahman (Mahat Brahma iti proktam). When the will of God is withdrawn, this entire world along with the souls and their corresponding attributes become a static impression on the inert energy and is retained in the state of Avyaktam. In this state both good and bad attributes or feelings are static and inert and therefore become equal. A good deed painted as a picture on a paper is equal to a bad deed painted on a paper. There is no difference between good and bad in this state. This is the equilibrium state of the good (Satvam) and bad (Rajas and Tamas) qualities before and after the creation. This is the meaning of the equilibrium state of the three qualities as mentioned in the Sankhya philosophy. If the qualities are associated with awareness, certainly a bad feeling or a bad action cannot be equal to a good feeling or a good action. The equilibrium state certainly means the state of the good and bad qualities as inert impressions in the basic phase of inert energy. Such a state results in the deep sleep. This finest primary energy is called as Mula Maya or Mahat-Brahma or Karya-Brahma or Hiranya-Garbha. Since it is the first greatest item of creation and since it is infinite, it is called as Mahat-Brahma. Since it is the generated product or effect, it is called as Karya-Brahma. Since God is hidden as root cause in this energy, it is called as Hiranya-Garbha. The word Hiranya indicates the most precious God and the word Garbha indicates the unimaginability of God. It is called as Mula Maya because it is the root cause of this universe up to which only one can analyze. God is called as Mula Mulam which means the root of the root.

Written by

His Holiness Shri Datta Swami

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