Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wishful thoughts

A walking stick that takes your weight and does not bend
A bathroom floor that is not slippery
Digestible food
Jeera water
Low height pillow
A wife who tolerates your snoring
Sleep undisturbed by frequent urges to urinate
Books bought long ago, at hand, to be read
Teeth that do not shatter
A head that does not sway from side to side
A pet dog that does never leaves you
The touch of your grand daughters
Enough money of your own for medical expenses
Pure vegetarian food
Hot water that is just warm enough
Friends to share unexposed weaknesses
A mind that welcomes death with a whistle
A smiling face after your breath ceases
If you get half of the above listed things, you are a king
More than half, you are a King of Kings
If you get them all, then you are GOD.

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