Friday, January 9, 2009


The little boy came to his Grandfather and said:

Paw, can I live right for all my life?

Paw thought and said, No, Grandson it is absolutely impossible to live a
perfect life for a life time.

The Grandson returned and said, Paw, How about for a year, could I live
right for a year?

The Grandfather thought and answered, NO, You can not live a good life for a

The Grandson asked his Grandfather, How about a month? NO!

How about a week? NO!

How about for a day? The Grandfather thought much and said NO! You can't!

The Grandson said Paw, How about a hour? NO!

Then the Grandson asked the Grandfather, Paw, How about for a MOMENT?
Could I live right for a moment?

After much thought the Grandfather replied, Yes, maybe you could live right
for a moment!

The grandson returned later and said, Paw, then I want to live my life
moment by moment!!!

Time is broken up into millenniums, centuries, decades, years, months,
weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds for the benefit of man. If time was one
long, endless day, if we made a mistake, if we sinned, the whole would be
messed up. God's great mercy broke time into small increments, if we mess up
today, tomorrow we will have a brand new, fresh day to start over again.

Will we waste this day or will we use this day for what God designed us to

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