Monday, May 12, 2008

Golden words

Rotating the key in air is a good rehearsal, but the key will work only when rotated in the lock...Repeating WORDS every moment is a good practise... True benefit is done with concentration only then the lock will open...

The Deha (body) is a vehicle that even gods aspire to possess। You knowthat gods seek to come into human form so that they could utilise theintelligence, discrimination, detachment, etc., that the human bodyalone is capable of exercising, to realise the Ultimate Reality, whichwhen known makes everything else known. If only he intensifies histhirst for God, he can live in perpetual content, instead of grovellingin perpetual discontent, pining for trivial satisfactions. The Deha hasto be nourished so that man can reach the Dehi, the real indweller.
“It is beauty that captures your attention;
its personality which captures your heart”

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