Saturday, May 10, 2008

God speaks in mysterious ways

Listen, friend, God speaks in mysterious ways; In the majestic flight of an eagle; The way it's focused and zooms in on prey; Harnessing the storm, rather than struggle. Preparing for the arrival of its baby; Caring meticulously for its young; Dealing with trials and adversity; When renewing its feathers, persevering long.
How does the eagle teach its young to fly? By battering them out of the comfortable nest. They moan, grumble, complain and sigh, But mother eagle would not deviate from the test. They tumble from the sky as if to their death, But mother is nearby before they crash-land. She knows, by repeated trial cometh faith; To fly and forage in the Eagle Promised Land.
So adversity will come to teach you to fly. Prayerfully use it, set your sail and mount up. Take courage; make it not a time to cry, But a time to soar, tower, learn, refill your cup.
Did You hear Him Speak?

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