Monday, May 12, 2008


Once a man fell unconscious on the street. It was a hot day and he suffered from sunstroke. A crowd of people gathered around him, trying to revive him in various ways. Someone took his shoe off and put it to the man's nose in the hope that this would bring him round, but to no avail.
The place was a perfume-sellers' market and a nearby shopkeeper hurried to the scene with a very precious perfume in his hand. "Let him sniff this fragrance," he said; "it dispels unconsciousness." So, the perfume bottle was waved under the sick man's nose and immediately. However, even in the depths of his unconsciousness, the man began to writhe, throwing his arms and legs as though he was choking to death.
Then a man standing in the crowd jumped forward and said, "Please, don't kill him! I know the man, and I know what he needs." The unconscious man was a fisherman and his empty fish basket was lying beside him. The man picked it up and said, "Although there are no fish in it now, just sprinkle some water into it and the basket will be the perfect thing for him to smell. This fishy smell only is the perfume for him."
Sure enough, as soon as the wet fish basket was raised to the fisherman's nose, he took a deep breath, peacefully came back to his senses.
Moral of the Story ....
Friends, a man to whom the smell of fish is more than any perfume, will pass through a garden of flowers as though he is passing through a stink. This is exactly how most of us have passed by the Buddhas....
Still, without one's knowledge and in spite of one's opposition, the fragrance of the buddhas has permeated in us. It is in one's flesh and bones, and this is why people from the West see peace & bliss in us, although we don't see it ourselves. Friends, we are unfortunate, because we could have been a buddha ourselves, but most of us are carrying around just a shadow of the buddha.
Buddha's peace is contagious, buddhahood is contagious. Even as diseases spread, and one man infected with a disease can infect the whole town with it, so is buddhahood. When even a single person attains to buddhahood, the whole earth changes its way of being. If a buddha passes by one's side, even if one were sleeping at the time, one will not remain the same.
Many buddhas have wandered amongst us and they have left their shadow on us, without our knowing, without any effort by us and inspite of all our protests. It is like a man passing through a garden unintentionally, his clothes catch the fragrance of the flowers and he may not be aware at all.
Friends, it is even possible that one may be unable to smell the fragrance, but one's nose may be used only to a stink....!!
Live a Conscious Day, each Moment !!

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