Monday, January 14, 2008

tenali raman stories 2

No Mooli, No Recipe

"I've never eaten anything more tasty in my life!" declared Raman, who had just returned from his friend's house.
"What did you eat?" asked his wife.
"Mooli (radish) halwa," Raman said, smacking his lips.
"Mooli! Whoever has heard of halwa being made from mooli! It must have been something else," said his wife disbelievingly.
She just could not understand how anyone could make halwa out of mooli. Nevertheless, her curiosity was aroused and next day she asked him to get her the recipe from his friend and some moolis from the market.
"Where are the moolis?" she asked, when he returned.
"You see," he explained, "while I was returning from the market, a goat snatched the moolis away."
Annoyed at his carelessness, she said "Have you brought thr recipe?"
"Well, I thought," said Raman with a shrug, "The recipe is of no use without moolis, so I let the starving animal eat that too."

Raman the Boy Wonder

When Raman was a boy, his neighbour once took him to the house of a rich and powerful landlord.
"He's a prodigy," the neighbour told the landlord.
"I've never seen a more intelligent boy. He has an answer for everything!"
The landlord was a proud and haughty man who thought himself the only intelligent person in the country. He was not at all pleased to hear his visitor praise Raman.
"He doesn't look very intelligent, " he said, glancing at Raman. "In any case the more intelligent a boy is, the duller he becomes as a man!"
"Is that true?" asked Raman, with an air of innocence. "Then, sir, as a boy you must have been even more intelligent than I am!"

Honest Opinion

A poet visited Tenali Raman hoping to impress him with some poems he had written. Raman asked him to leave the poems with him and promised to read them later. The man, however, insisted on reading out the poems to him.
As the poet droned on Raman fell asleep. When he woke up, the poet asked: "Sir, shall I read the poems again?"
"Why? I've already given you my opinion, haven't I?"
"No, Sir," said the man. "You fell asleep."
"That's right," replied Raman. "When I fell asleep I gave my opinion."

The villagers were delighted. A sadhu who performed miracles, had come to their village. Every morning and evening they would gather at the temple with specially prepared delicacies as offerings to the sadhu.
When Tenali Raman heard of this, he smelt a rat. He went to the temple and sat near the holy man. The sadhu began reciting shlokas. To Raman's surprise, he went on repeating the same shloka over and over again.
Raman realised that he was a fraud. Suddenly, he leaned forward and plucked a strand of hair from the sadhu's beard.
"I have the key to Heaven!" he shouted triumphantly. The villagers looked startled.
"This sadhu is so great that if I keep the hair from his beard with me, I will be blessed forever!" said Raman.
Immediately there was a scramble as the villagers rushed to get hold of a hair from the sadhu's beard. The frightened sadhu ran for his life and was never heard of again.


shashikant said...

storties are not as good as should be..........but i enjoyed....and most important thing is ........story should be in simple languge.......your story language is too heavy to understand........specially for kids.Chetan Bhagat novel , 3 mistkes of my life, one night at call centre and so on , shiv khera movtivation bookes all are in simple langaues so you guys do regarding this.


I agree with what Shashikant had said. The language is of high standard for kiddos to understand.yes, I would be a fool not to appreciate your initiative. Keep up the good start of it!!

navin yadav said...

It is a good story.......... i enjoyed a lot.........